Frequently Asked Questions
We hope that you find your answers here, but if not then please contact us


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How do I sign up to ONLINE?
  • Choose your timezone, suitable class for age of child
  • Add to cart
  • MONTHLY payment
  • Add what you would like to buy to the cart
  • You’ll then receive email with online class links and members resources
What age can my child join?
  • We accept young singers from the any time after their 4th birthday.  We have previously experienced singers as young as 3 however have found they are often too tired, distracted or not fully able to engaged in our sessions.
  • We accept singers as old as 15 in our ZoomSing program. After that, we welcome them to sign up to our individual Vocal Confidence sessions if they wish to continue.
What is the cost?
  • Joeys from $30 per month (this includes 4 sessions per month)
  • Roos from $35 per month (this includes 4 sessions per month)
  • Stars from $40 per month (this includes 4 sessions per month)

    Options for purchasing 1, 3 or 6 months each time are offered with discounts offered.

How does the monthly payment work for ONLINE?
  • monthly payment by @26th of the month
  • payment is for the next month (in advance)
  • payment allows you access to 4 zoom sessions, zoom recordings, members only videos, songs etc in the members portal
  • you can pay for one or more months at a time. If paying for more than one, they need to be consecutive months
  • you are welcome to pay for the month and take the sessions in less time (ie: 4 lessons in 2 weeks)
Why are you still online?

Our online program is now a major part of what we do at Choirs4Kids

Being online means we are able to reach more singers in areas that we aren’t able to get to normally.

Being online means your child can sing even if they are too unwell to attend a class, or if you are going away on holiday.

Being online means your child can bring their toys to class, can share their news, can bring their siblings.

Being online means YOU can relax and enjoy some free time!

Do I need anything special to join this?
  • Our weekly singing classes are live on Zoom.
  • You will need to register for our sessions.
  • It is ideal for your child to have access to a space which is clear of trip hazards, family pets, other siblings and food.  All of these things cause distraction and unwanted noise for others in the class.
  • They will also need access to a computer or ipad with home internet for the best experience.
  • A set of headphones/earphones for clarity are recommended for the older students.
  • Other people in the household are advised to refrain from watching online TV (Netflix, PC downloads or heavy internet usage etc) as this does affect the internet experience for our zoom lessons.
  • Please note that all other activities taking place in your house at the same time may be seen/heard! Sometimes it is best to have a quiet space for your child without distractions of phone calls/other classes happening at the same time.
  • Please note lessons will be recorded.
Do the singers actually sing together in real time?
  • We sing together muted and un-muted in our Online sessions.
  • We provide opportunities for the students to sing solo and demonstrate parts of their learning.
  • We also have fun and try the singing together ‘un-muted’ for some suitable songs.  However – the technology to allow us to sing together at the same time doesn’t exsist yet and so most of our singing is whilst the students are ‘muted’.
  • It is quite easy to tell if they kids are singing the right song even when they are muted and we check in often to ask them to share their singing with us.
What do we do in the Online Sessions?
  • There are weekly online sessions which are live and you will be given all the links you need to register once you have enrolled.
  • Your child will receive online tuition, games, connection, singing tips and technique, weekly warm ups and activities to do at home.
  • Our songs are varied and fun! Some examples are:
    Joeys: Bingo, Ants go marching, Kentucky, Tingalayo, Cheeky Monkey
    Roos: Bare Necessities, Spoonful of Sugar, Roar, Choir, Top of the world
    Stars: Fireflies, Sing Together, Hello, and more Disney
What happens if we miss a lesson?
  •  All of our sessions are recorded and posted into our members portal so that you may watch at your leisure after our sessions.  This means your child doesn’t miss out and can watch the class again and again!
  • You are welcome to contact us in advance if you know you are going to miss a lesson and we can offer you a make up session in another class (subject to availability)
Which online class should my child join?
  • This is really just a guide as you know your child best!  You are welcome to change after a couple of sessions if the class isn’t working out for you.  Just drop us an email and we’ll switch you over!
  • Joeys for age 4 to 6 yr olds, Roos for 7 to 9 yr olds, Stars for 10 to 15 yr olds.
    Please note our minimum age is 4 years old.
What is the refund policy?
  • Our online program has such a low cost for each month and we offer a discount if joining half way through the month.
  • If a refund is requested BEFORE the first class of the month, a full refund will be offered.
  • Refunds are at our discretion.
Can I join at any time during the month?
  • Yes you may join even after month has started.
  • All the resources in the member’s area are kept there so that you can access them throughout the month and catch up on what you have missed.


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How to sign up to IN PERSON
  • Choose your class on the Bridgetown page
  • Add to cart
  • TERMLY payment
  • You’ll then receive email with class information and access to the resources
What is the cost?
  • A ten week school term starts from $160
Do you offer a Trial Class IN PERSON?
  • We have found that the best option here is to sign up for the term but with the knowledge that we have a Money Back Guarantee.  If your child is not enjoying themselves after 3 weeks (of initial sign up) we offer a refund of all remaining weeks.
What happens during an IN PERSON class?
  • Joeys learn songs and moves usually based around a theme. They learn a number of songs over the term and learn how to develop their singing voice through musical games and other fun activities.
  • Roos learn songs suitable for their age and ability, some modern, word appropriate, pop songs and other fun songs. They learn performance techniques and how to feel less anxious when performing. We do a lot of team games to have fun and boost confidence and self-esteem.  Correct vocal technique is taught and students are taught harmony and melody parts to a number of songs through the term.
  • Stars are stars so they learn songs that they want to learn (within reason!), we don’t promote bad language or inappropriate messages in songs that we sing.  Correct vocal technique is taught and students are taught harmony and melody, singing in two and three part harmony where the group is ready. We work on performance technique and how to become more confident through our use of games and mindfulness when needed.
How many students are in the class?
  • Joeys have a maximum of 15 in the class.
  • Roos have a maximum of 25 in the class.
  • Stars have a maximum of 25 in the class.
Do parents stay in the class?
  • For the first week of each term when families are new to our classes we welcome parents/guardians to stay to help settle their child and to see what we do. * SOCIALLY DISTANCED
  • After that, children participate independently and families are requested to leave their children in the room and go and enjoy a coffee or quiet time to themselves!
  • Many of our students have a fear of being watched and participate in our classes more readily if they are not watched.
Do you have performances?
  • Yes we do!  But only when we feel that they are showing readiness, and should feel no pressure to join in at all.  We hold end of term ‘Show Lessons’ where we run a normal class but families are welcome to watch. We also perform in the community at festivals.
My child has a learning condition. Can they attend?
  • We accept children with a range of learning abilities; every child has a right to sing!
  • Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children with behaviours that are disruptive to other students.
Do you offer special rates for siblings?
  • Yes, there are discounts for siblings.  10% off for two children from the same family, 15% off for three children attending from the same family.  If your situation is different from this then please contact us to discuss.
What happens if we miss a class?
  • We don’t offer ‘make-up’ classes with our In Person program, however your child is welcome to catch up via our Online sessions.
What is the refund policy?
  • For our In Person classes, a full refund (of remaining un-used classes) will be offered if you or your child are not happy within the first 3 weeks of your initial sign up.
Can I join at any time during the term?
  • Yes you may join even after term has started.
  • We offer a pro-rate payment.
  • All the resources in the member’s area are kept there so that you can access them throughout the term and catch up on what you have missed.


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What experience do you have?
  • You are welcome to read all about me on the homepage, however 20+ years as a music educator and I have been running my own business for the past 5 years….and I LOVE IT.
  • The online part of the program has now been running over 18 months!  For us it is about connection for these students first and foremost.  For that – I have bundles of experience.
  • I also continue learning myself and have over the past 12 months have completed my Estill training Levels 1 and 2, and graduated from the Embodima training. I have also attended numerous vocal trainings all over the globe thanks to our new virtual world!
Will it help my child be happy?
  • I really hope it will!
  • Our experience so far with the Online classes have shown that the students are really engaged, loving the kids-connection and having lots of fun.  Read some testimonials on the facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/choirs4kids
  • Our many years of experience with In Person classes have shown that children love to share what they can do, but they sometimes need gentle encouragement to do that.  In our safe space of In Person classes we guide them to be BRAVE.