Singing Joeys

(Ages 4 to 6)

Our Singing Joeys classes help your child to learn where their voice comes from, how to use it to create different sounds as well as having fun and developing confidence, which helps them in all areas of their lives.

Children take this new learned confidence from Singing Joeys to become more confident at performing in school assemblies or simply speaking in front of their peers in the classroom.

We use puppets to help the children overcome any nervousness and to help them hear their voice through the puppet. We wriggle, stretch and relax through our warm ups and practice breathing for singing as well as giving the children special techniques to help in performance.

Jessie joined up to Joeys as soon as she was old enough after watching her sister. Her teachers and other parents have remarked that she is very confident, happy to speak in front of the class, and picks up songs, class routines and games quickly.