Singing Joeys

(Ages 4 to 6)

Singing Joeys is a place where your child can begin their singing journey.

It is also SO much more than that. It is a place where your child will learn to connect with others and where they sing, dance, laugh and create in a new online world.

We create personalised lessons, focusing on experimentation of what the voice can do. We give children the space and time to explore new sounds and to feel the music with their whole body.

And through careful planning of the Singing Joeys program, our lessons will suit all types of learners: kinesthetic, visual and auditory.

The young Singing Joey will learn new songs and singing technique in its simplest form. Learning about breathing, tone, pitch, rhythm and beat. 

They will be offered opportunities to sing solo and as part of the group. They will be able to send in their learnt songs so we can create ‘Singing Together’ videos for them to send to Grandparents and other family members.

In amongst all of this they will also be learning technology skills. Using a computer or tablet will mean that they learn how to take turns, listen to others and appreciate their performances. They can watch and learn dance moves from other children on the screen.

They also learn to develop patience whilst waiting for others to share.  Some of the technology skills include: un-mute to speak, raise hand to ask a question, lining up the visual, speaking slowly for others to understand.

And finally, we have heard so many reports about how our singing sessions have helped young children with their speech.  Talking clearly to express their opinions, to ask questions and to sing back to the teacher have all helped build the child’s confidence which in turn has helped develop their speech.

We have even had some of our Joeys share songs that they have created for us.  Each online lesson sparks their imagination to go and prepare new ideas for the following week.

We are excited to share our time with these young musicians. Online singing together in a safe space they call home.

Don’t Forget About You!

And for you, our online lessons give you back some time. It allows you time with your other children, or to do some housework, cook, chill-out or simply join in!  There is no need to worry about where to park, or arriving late because of the traffic.  Your child won’t even miss out when you go on holidays as you can take us with you or catch up via our recordings each week.

There are also workshops for those children who live in Perth area.  We offer the opportunity to meet each term to sing all of the songs we have learnt during the term and play some musical games.  This gives the children the chance to meet their online friends.

We can’t wait for your family to join us.

Jessie joined up to Joeys as soon as she was old enough after watching her sister. Her teachers and other parents have remarked that she is very confident, happy to speak in front of the class, and picks up songs, class routines and games quickly.


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