Suitable for adults and children (age 8+) our Vocal Warm Ups courses are fantastic for personal vocal training.

They are suitable for kids and adults,  for school teachers looking for fun songs and for choir singers looking for more direction with their voice.

The FREE Taster Pack has 3 short activities.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! 

The taster pack introduces you to two fun songs and some beginners SOVT (straw vocal warm ups!)

Our Level One course has 20 activities covering breathing, physical warm ups, technique tips, fun songs and more SOVT training using a straw.

Songs include: Bim bom biddy, My Dog and a few number songs to test your mind connection and coordination!

Private Vocal Coaching

Are you looking for private tuition for your child?

In our Vocal Confidence through Singing lessons we help your superstar become more confident with their own voice.  So often these days children try to mimic their favourite pop singers, yet their voices are not ready for such ‘trauma’ at a young age.

By building their confidence, vocal skills, technique and experimenting with sounds they will be able to start their journey in a safe way.

In these sessions, we guide your child through the best technique, breathing, articulation and tone as well as fun songs to energise and make each session memorable.

These private lessons will bring joy to your child and even more – to your house! 

Hearing the sound of music, the connection that she has with the students and the simple pleasure of singing has been one of the best things for my child.