Singing Roos

(Ages 7 to 9)

Singing Roos is a room full of fun, energy and is an uplifting experience for all.

It is an inspiring room where like-minded children can experience singing in the comfort of their own home.

We create personalised lessons which helps us focus on each child every lesson, giving them the space to talk, sing or perform (if they want to). Our lessons suit all types of learners: kinesthetic, visual and auditory, through our careful planning of the Singing Roos program.

Lessons are engaging, with children being able to connect with the others in the virtual room and in the local workshops. Roos have a certain way of just being able to connect online in a very similar way to in person.

Each week they bring something to show, if they wish, or they perform a new piece on their musical instrument, tell a joke, a story or simply dance around.

In this moment they are building confidence.  This confidence transpires in all areas of their lives and the growth over the period of just a few short weeks is amazing to watch.

Because of our engagement and professional approach to lessons, children who had never engaged well in online lessons are now singing a line of a song, or a whole song in some cases.

They are recording their videos or vocals to send in for our ‘Sing-Together’ videos and they love the moment where they get to hear their voice among other singers.

Lessons are relaxed and the children have no fear of what they sound like as no-one can hear them, unless we choose to/request to un-mute.  The smiles say it all.

They grin from ear to ear at the start of each ZoomSing class and the excitement is contagious.  Never before have we seen this level of excitement about our classes, and never before have we had over 95% attendance for a whole term.

The pet show at the end of some of the classes is something they all look forward to of course, but these pets are not always real or the usual domestic ones!   We have had puppet bunnies, real guinea pigs, birds, mice, animal masks and the best by far has to be the real lamb!

We are a choir for all!!

 Singing Roos are free to dance and sing out as loud as they like in our online sessions. They can make their own choreography or follow ours and our dance parties are becoming more of a thing each time we start the music!

From a technological point of view, the children learn to use the device they are on, learn to un-mute, take turns to speak, some add backgrounds and use the emoticons if they wish.

They develop patience whilst waiting for others to sing, speak or play.

And their listening skills are developed beyond anything else.

There are also workshops for those children who live in Perth area.  We offer the opportunity to meet each term to sing all of the songs we have learnt during the term and play some musical games.  This gives the children the chance to meet their online friends.

We can’t wait to meet you and your superstar singer!

Sue is a lovely teacher and the way she teaches the girls to harmonise is perfect.  She doesn’t push for any more than the girls can deliver. Simple and reachable targets for the students. Bella has learnt so much about her own voice


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