Singing Roos (ages approx. 6 to 13)

As long as we live, there is never enough singing.  ~Martin Luther

Singing Roos is a combined group vocal lesson and choir.

Students learn to experiment with their voice, proper warm-ups, technique and develop their listening ears!   The choice of songs are generally chosen by the vocal director and are suitable for children in this age group. Students will learn to sing main melody lines, harmony lines and some backing vocals.

Yes, it could almost be called a ‘Glee Club’!

Students will be encouraged to come up with creative ideas too, often working out their own harmony arrangements, with help.

These classes give your child the opportunity to join with others and sing for enjoyment. We are inclusive, supportive and accept all children as long as they love to sing!

Classes always involve some team building games which help this age group to develop friendships and become more confident and empowered.

Children also learn special techniques to help them in all aspects of performance.

Why choose Singing Roos?

  • learn to blend voice with others
  • learn to sing in harmony
  • help to raise self esteem and confidence
  • can help children to express themselves freely

Important Information

  • Group ages: 6 to 13 (approx. Year One to Year Seven)
  • Group size: up to 30
  • Class length: 50-60 minutes
  • Programs run during school terms
  • Sibling rates available

Where Are We?



Mary Davies Library and Community Centre

Mary Davies Library and Community Centre
17 Settlers Ave, Baldivis



Kadidjiny Park Hall

Kadidjiny Park Hall
Car park access between 72 & 74 Kitchener Rd, Melville

South Perth

South Perth

John McGrath Hall
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