Singing Roos

(Ages 7 to 10)

Singing Roos is a combined group vocal lesson and choir.

Students learn to experiment with their voice, proper warm-ups, technique and develop their listening ears!   The choice of songs are generally chosen by the vocal director and are suitable for children in this age group. Students will learn to sing main melody lines, harmony lines and some backing vocals.

These classes give your child the opportunity to join with others and sing for enjoyment. We are inclusive, supportive and accept all children as long as they love to sing! 

Classes always involve some team building games which help this age group to develop friendships and become more confident and empowered.

Children also learn special techniques to help them in all aspects of performance.

Sue is a lovely teacher and the way she teaches the girls to harmonise is perfect.  She doesn’t push for any more than the girls can deliver. Simple and reachable targets for the students. Bella has learnt so much about her own voice


Here is a list of our current classes.
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ZoomSing 3

20 Jul – 26 Sep

Information about ZoomSing 3 here

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All times are Perth, Western Australian

FaceSing 3

8 Aug & 12 Sep

Information about FaceSing 3 here

Please note this is ideally for those living in Western Australia.
Limited spaces due to social distancing restrictions

If booking FaceSing 3 AND ZoomSing 3
use code: C4K-FS-10 for 10% discount

All times are Perth, Western Australian