(Ages 10 to 15)

Monthly Cost – starting from $35


You are here because you have an interest in singing. You want to learn to sing or sing more. You want to meet others who sing too and connect with them, to learn from them and with them.

In Choirs4Kids Stars we give you the opportunity to sing as loud as you like, with expression and an inner confidence that you create by surrounding yourself with your favourite things.  Have a favourite drink or snacks near you, have your pets supporting and singing with you, have a friend over to join in.  We don’t mind – as long as you sing!

Singing gives you SO much. It helps you study, relax and is a form of meditation!

And you will find a hidden confidence to sing out loud – because unless we agree to un-mute then we no-one can hear you!


In our Stars group you will find an inner belief that singing is ok.  Being in the last years of primary school or in High School, we find that singing is something that has been left behind for the intense study life that has become expected.  But we know that singing helps these young people to shine, to believe, to de-stress and release the tension that comes with study.

They are not studying to become professional singers with us, they are singing for FUN and singing in our online groups gives them so much more than that.

Connection with other like-minded young people. The confidence to sing out loud.
They also collaborate with classmates in our sessions to split the songs into workable parts for each other. We then put them together in the session so they can hear each other and work on their part. This develops their harmony and music reading skills.

We are really looking forward to helping your older child on their confidence through singing journey.

It’s lovely to see my daughter so enthusiastic about an after school activity.  She has always loved singing but found it hard after primary school to find somewhere that it was still ‘cool’ to sing! Singing with others who love to sing has been important for her as she settles into high school.


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