Zoom-Sing Holiday Program

This July we are running a few of our energising online Zoom-Sing sessions.  The children will learn new songs, some singing techniques, play a game or two, have a boogie and of course, make some new friends online!

You just need to look at the faces of the children during an online session to see that they are having a blast.

And the benefits extend beyond the online session too.  Some of these benefits are:

  • they are more confident
  • they sing out no matter who is listening 🙂
  • they are more confident so they chat to the other children in the session
  • they can bring toys to help them relax
  • their siblings can join in too
  • they can be in a comfortable chair or standing or both 🙂
  • and they can have their friends sign up and sing together in the same room – who doesn’t want a singing party!

 And there are benefits for YOU:


  • relax (with a cuppa)
  • clean (no – really – don’t!)
  • work (you don’t have to!)
  • SING too! (essential)
  • time with other children (gives you space to be with them)
  • no travelling to take them to the activity
  • no parking costs
  • cooking etc (yummy!)


The table below highlights the dates and times of our online sessions.
Times are listed in Australian Western Standard Time (AWST Perth)

We’re so glad that you’ve got this far.  The last two steps are to book your place(s) and then enrol.


Step 1 – Payment

If you want to enrol more than 3 children please contact Sue on 0414 205919 or use the Contact form.

Please don't forget to complete the enrolment form after completing your payment.

Refund Policy

Full refund given if cancellation is more than 24hrs before start of online session.


Step 2 – Enrolment

The enrolment form gives us just enough information so we can provide the best support for you and your family while you are with us.

For this reason its a condition of participation in any of our classes.

The times are listed in Perth, Western Australia time. To work out your time go here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Oh Sue,  Wow!!! The online lesson today with you was tooooo much FUN! Best part of the day. Even better than FREE IPAD TIME!

Neil and I watched our young ones faces light up with such joy- connecting and participating in your class today.

We so appreciate you … your many talents and  creativity!


Sue has been welcoming and has made sure that the students feel as if they are  in the room with her providing a personalised learning environment. …One of the best things to come out of isolation.


We are having a blast in our online classes, we love chatting and singing with our teacher!  During online classes we have made heaps of new friends who we sing and chat with as well!  Doing Choirs4kids online is a lovely experience and we would love to continue this forever!

Clara & Caleb